Services We Provide

  • A professional Community Manager assigned to your association.  You
    will deal with the same person for all your needs so there will be no
    confusion over miscommunication in the office.

  • Twenty-Four Hours, seven days per week, 365 days per year emergency
    service provided.  During an after hours emergency, you can expect a
    response within 20 minutes.

  • Full Customer Service Support.  Someone is always available to take your
    call during normal business hours.

  • Full Fiscal Accounting Services and Support.  We provide detailed, easy to
    understand monthly financial statements.  We track the collection of
    monthly assessments and make sure Association bills are paid in a
    timely fashion.

  • Annual filing of tax returns, disclosures and other required documents are
    managed by C Flood Management.

  • Annual draft budget preparation is included with the monthly fee at no
    extra cost to the HOA.

  • Prompt responses to service inquiries.  All messages are returned the
    same business day.

  • All charges to the HOA are approved in advance.  No surprises for
    "miscellaneous admin" charges.

  • Detailed and timely information  is provided on work order status.

  • Innovative and Creative Internet solutions to help improve the conduct of
    Association business and improve communication with individual
    Homeowners, including online payment of monthly assessment

All of these contracted services provided for a set monthly management fee.
Homeowners Association Management Services
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